You Don't Need a Lot of Money To Get Your Hormones Balanced

Join the Tribe. Take Action Today

You Don't Need a Lot of Money To Get Your Hormones Balanced

Join the Tribe. Take Action Today

You may have just started your PCOS journey or you may have known about your PCOS for a while.

You still have PCOS and all of the symptoms that you have been struggling with.

You may be unsure of what you should and shouldn’t be eating for your PCOS.

And if you do know what you should be eating, finding food that you actually like and will also help your PCOS can be tricky.

Not to mention making sure that you’re getting the right calories, carbs and protein per day.

I know, it can be confusing!

Introducing PCOS Foodies

With the most powerful meal planning service and recipe database, specifically for women with PCOS, training and weekly group coaching, PCOS Foodies is the next step in your PCOS journey.

Tarryn Poulton | PCOS Diet Support

PCOS Foodies Is For You If

You love delicious food and hate feeling deprived or restricted
You want to manage your PCOS more naturally and you want to take action
You want a simple solution to meal planning, finding PCOS recipes and managing your PCOS
You enjoy the energy, action and momentum you get from being part of a movement of women



“I really like the amount of recipes there are and the filters are great, because you can break down to really look at the recipes you’re after. There’s lots to choose from and they are easy to see and favourite and add to your planner. I can now plan my weekly food menu so I can keep on track!”

– Jo, UK

Kim active customer pcos foodies

“I firmly believe in healing through food and changing how I eat and my relationship with food has been so crucial to healing from PCOS. The hardest part about this is finding the time for meal planning and keeping motivated. . I am really enjoying how much fun PCOS Foodies has made meal planning again!”

– Kim, USA

Kim active customer pcos foodies


“I have no idea what to eat with PCOS. I’m scared that I’m just going to make it worse.”
“I can’t have dairy, soy or gluten and I’m a vegan. What do I actually eat?”
“I’m so confused and overwhelmed by all of this.”
“I’m such a picky eater. I hate vegetables. It makes eating well for PCOS really hard.”

And I hear you! I’ve heard this over and over again over the past 6 years.

Let me show you why PCOS Foodies is exactly what you need:

3 Cornerstones of the PCOS Foodies Movement

Meal Planning

With powerful meal planning software that will help you to find and analyse recipes, as well as meal plan and create shopping lists, finding delicious food that will also balance your hormones is easy.


There is only so much your doctor can tell you about PCOS in a 15 minute appointment. PCOS Foodies is more than food. It’s about understanding what is happening in our bodies so that we can nurture and look after ourselves for the long term.


PCOS Foodies is all about action. What good is a powerful software system and knowledge of PCOS if we don’t use it or take action on it? Surrounded by a group of women cheering you on, you’ll gain momentum and find this way of eating becomes a part of who you are.

“PCOS Foodies is great! Being able to have all the recipes in one place and be able to put them into a weekly plan and generate a shopping list is priceless! This definitely takes the stress out of planning, leaving more time to focus”

– Olivia, UK

PCOS Friendly Recipes that you love and that fit your time, your budget, your tastes.

Build out your recipe collection with delicious PCOS friendly recipes that you love. No more shopping for weird and exotic ingredients that cost the earth (what is that anyway?!) You’ll have recipes that you and your family love. Import recipes from your favourite bloggers and curate the recipes that work for you, your family and your PCOS.

Nutrition Data for any recipe - and you won't need a Nutrition Degree to do it

Ever stared at a recipe and thought, “It  looks okay. But I have no idea if that is PCOS friendly or if I should even eat that? And what about the calories?”

PCOS Foodies will work out the nutritional information of every single recipe, giving you the most important tool at your disposal –  knowledge. If you’re trying to only eat a certain number of calories or carbs per day, you can plan your meals so that you never go over (and you won’t have to spend hours on My Fitness Pal painfully plugging in every single thing that you have eaten).

Save time and money with your auto-generated PCOS Foodies shopping list.

There’s nothing worse than knowing exactly what you’ll be having for dinner and as you get ready to cook, you realise you’re missing the main ingredient, the star of the show.

With all of your shopping list items arranged by department, you’ll know exactly what you need and where you need it from. So, you’ll save money (you won’t be buying all those things you just don’t need) and you’ll save yourself time (and the frustration!) that goes with grocery shopping.

Access your recipes, meal plans and shopping lists anywhere, anytime.

No matter where you are (cooking in the kitchen, shopping or sitting at your desk at work) with the PCOS Foodies mobile app, you can access your recipes, meal plans and shopping lists. That means that you’ll have your recipes at the touch of a button, your grocery list when you need it (and you don’t have to worry about leaving it at home) and you’ll know where you’re at in terms of calories and carbs at any point in the day.

“PCOS Foodies makes it so easy to meal plan, something I really struggle with! I love being able to add PCOS friendly meals (with all the nutritional info already calculated!) to my planner and then with the click of a button, my grocery list is ready to go. So easy. An absolute lifesaver!

– Louise, USA


PCOS Foodies is more than just food. When you sign up for the Gold Membership, you will also get access to the PCOS Master Plan program worth $197.00. This is a value packed program developed by Tarryn that includes 25 video lessons with downloads and more.

master plan overview


  • $12.00/mo
    Access to the full PCOS Foodies system that includes over 2000 PCOS Friendly recipes, done-for-you meal plans, meal planner, shopping list generator and so much more.

    Easily analyse the nutrition data of any recipe, use Tarryn’s training to know whether it is PCOS friendly, add it to your meal plan with ease and generate shopping lists.
  • $27.00/mo
    Access to the full PCOS Foodies system that includes over 2000 PCOS Friendly recipes, done-for-you meal plans, meal planner, shopping list generator and so much more.

    Easily analyse the nutrition data of any recipe, use Tarryn’s training to know whether it is PCOS friendly, add it to your meal plan with ease and generate shopping lists.
    With direct access to Tarryn in the Facebook group and weekly Facebook Lives, you’ll never be alone with your PCOS again. You also get access to a highly engaged and motivated community of women who take action and help you keep momentum.

    The secret PCOS Foodies Facebook group allows you to connect with women like you, who “get it”. You can ask questions, share frustrations and stay motivated.
    The PCOS Master Plan is a 7 week course that teaches you how to get to the core of the problem - PCOS. It’s time to work smarter, not harder, to look better and feel better, helping you transform and make lasting changes, from the inside out.

    The PCOS Master Plan goes beyond the dietary elements of PCOS. It includes supplements, exercise, stress management and so much more. It gives you a holistic understanding of PCOS and what is happening in your body.

PCOS Foodies has changed my life! There are so many PCOS recipes that are PCOS friendly and they are all delicious! This program is so easy and convenient I absolutely love it! Since starting with PCOS Foodies my symptoms have been on the right track and getting better each day!”

– Larissa, USA


“PCOS Foodies is a comprehensive meal planning service that encompasses all the tools and considerations one needs when it comes to organized meal planning. It truly is the complete package when it comes to meal planning!”

– Julie-Lynn, Canada


Absolutely not! You can cancel at any time.

If you feel that PCOS Foodies is not quite what you are looking for, send us an email within 20 days of signing up and we will happily refund your order.

Yes. The recipes and meal plans are 100% customizable. You can find recipes that you like, and using the nutrition data provided by PCOS Foodies, work out if those recipes are PCOS friendly.

Definitely not. You can tailor your meal plans to suit your budget and tastes.

Tarryn has worked with thousands of women worldwide and used the principles that you will learn in PCOS Foodies to help them manage their PCOS naturally. The principle of a PCOS Diet are scientifically researched and proven.

However, Tarryn does not know your specific medical background or the conditions that you are dealing with. So, while PCOS Foodies and the PCOS diet are helpful, Tarryn cannot 100% guarantee that they will help your PCOS.