Hi!, I’m Tarryn, lead writer and founder of PCOS Diet Support (one of the leading sites for women with PCOS, with over 100000 visitors per month) and PCOS Foodies.


I am so thrilled that you are here, checking out everything PCOS Foodies has to offer.


PCOS Foodies was borne out of a need to offer women with PCOS a holistic and comprehensive support system to better help them manage their PCOS.


You see, I have PCOS myself and was diagnosed almost 10 years ago. After being diagnosed, I spent many hours researching everything that I could about managing my own PCOS. It was during this time that I discovered the huge power that food has in managing my own symptoms. Soon after starting a PCOS Diet, I saw significant improvements in my symptoms and was able to naturally conceive my daughter. I was also able to naturally conceive my son 3 years later.


I share all of that research and knowledge on PCOS Diet Support.


But having knowledge is often not enough. We also need powerful and effective tools to be able to apply the things that we have learned. And that is where PCOS Foodies comes in.


I am passionate about helping women taking effective and meaningful steps to better manage their PCOS.

tarryn founder of pcos foodies


If you want to get in touch for any reason, send an email to support@pcosdietsupport.com or by visiting our contact page.

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